Our Leadership

Our Staff

Jean Bollinger, church office administrator

Carol Wickline   custodian


               Our  Pastor

                  Rev. Brennan Hurley

Brennan was appointed to be the pastor of Stonington UMC and associate pastor at Taylorville FUMC in 2021.  Originally from Carlinville, IL, Brennan received his Bachelors Degree from Greenville College and his Masters of Divinity from Duke University.  Brennan is married to Jenna, and they have one daughter, Caroline.  Brennan enjoys running, laughing, preaching, and reading.

 Pastor  Brennan  and Jenna  Hurley

Our Bishop

Rev. Dr. Frank J. Beard

Illinois Great Rivers Conference Episcopal Leader

The United Methodist Church is divided into regional units called “annual conferences,” so named because its clergy and lay people meet annually.  Each annual conference is led by a bishop.  We are in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, which covers all of central and southern Illinois (south of I-80).

     Bishop Frank J. Beard was elected to the episcopal office in 2016 and assigned to IGRC that year.  Prior to his election he served as an ordained Elder in the Indiana annual conference.  Bishop Beard is a gifted preacher and teacher.  He has a passion for Jesus Christ that is contagious.  His primary focus is encouraging churches to be “on fire for Jesus.”  His life quote is, “I want to be so full of Jesus that when a mosquito bites me it will fly away humming ‘there is power in the blood’!”

     Bishop Beard is married to Melissa and has two adults daughters: Eleanor and Emily, and three grandchildren: Maya, Elijah, and Stanton.  Bishop Beard is an avid fisherman and loves to tell stories about his fishing adventures.

Our District Superintendent

Rev. Bradley Watkins

Sangamon River (Springfield area) District Presiding Elder

Every annual conference is subdivided into districts.  Our Illinois Great Rivers Conference has 10.  Each district is overseen by a presiding Elder.  We are in the Sangamon River District based in Springfield.

     D.S. Bradley Watkins II was appointed by Bishop Beard to SRD effective January 1, 2020.

     A native of Peoria, IL, Watkins is the son of retired pastor, the Rev. Bradley F. Watkins, who served as the Champaign-area District Superintendent from 1991 to 1998.  He is a graduate of Wiley College, a historically black college and Gammon Theological Seminary.  He was commissioned as a probationary member in 1987 and ordained an Elder in the former Central Illinois Conference in 1991.

     In addition to serving several churches, Watkins also served four years at Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House in East St. Louis.

     “Watkins has been an effective bridge builder everywhere he has served and I am confident in his leadership skills and ability and know him as a godly man and servant of Christ and the Church,” says Bishop Beard.

Our Leadership Roster - 2021

The Church Council

representing the functions of:   Trustees / Pastor-Parish Relations (partial) / Finance

meets on the second Wednesday; monthly – 7:30 pm

Pastor:                                     Rev. Brennan
Council Chair:                         Steve (1)
Trustees Chair:                       Tim (2)
Finance Chair:                        Danny (3)
Staff-Parish Chair:                 Rebecca (2)
Worship Chair:                       Jean
Memorial Chair:                    Marilyn (2)

Benevolence Chair:                                        Kristi (1)
Church Treasurer: 
                                         Robert (2)
Financial Secretary:                                       Kristi (1)

Building Fund Secretary:                              Laurie
Council Secretary:                                           Jeannine (2)
Leadership Development/Nominations:    Edie (2)
Lay Leader:                                                       Rita (1)   

Ministry Team (N.O.W.)

meets on the second Wednesday; monthly – 6:00 pm

N.uturing:                           DeeDee
Pastor:                                 Rev. Brennan

O.utreach:                             Laurie
Lay Leader:                           Rita (1)

W.itness:                               Edie

Worship Team

meets as needed on the third Wednesday – 6:00 pm

Pastor:                                    Rev. Brennan
Young Adult:                          Katie (3) 

Organist:                               Jeannine
Communion:                     Carol (1)

Lay Leader:                                Rita (1)
Secretary/Chair:                        Jean

Nominations and Leadership Development

meets annually or as needed

                    FINAL YEAR 2021:
At-large:                       Venise
At-large:                       Carol
At-large:                       Rebecca

                    FINAL YEAR 2022:
Vice Chair:                  Edie
At-large:                      Linda
At-large:                      Jeannine

                    FINAL YEAR 2023:
At-large:                     Venise
At-large:                     Carol
Pastor:                        Rebecca

Combined Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Four members from EUMC and four members from SUMC shall serve on a COMBINED S-PRC; they are each picked by their respective Nominations Committees.  NOTE: here and elsewhere, the numbers in parenthesis refer to the 3-year term (1 = last year to serve; ect.)
quarterly or as needed

                    STONINGTON UMC
S-PRC Chair:                           Rebecca (2)
S-PRC Vice Chair:                   Leslie (3)
Lay Leader:                             Rita (1)
At-large:                                  Cynthia (2)



 S-PRC Vice Chair                                       Leslie (3)
Trustees Vice Chair:                                    Dean (3)
Finance Vice Chair:                                     Church Council Chair
Church Council Vice Chair:                        Finance Chair
Recording Secretary for Charge Conf.:   
Lay Member to Annual Conference:     
Alternate Lay Member to A.C.:                  Jeannine (1)
Membership Secretary:                              Jeannine (1)
Benevolence Fund:                                    Kristi (1)
Education Chair:                                         DeeDee (2)
Funeral Dinner Coordinator:                    Cynthia

Director of Music:                                   Jeannine
UMW President:                                      DeeDee
UMM President:                                     Tim, contact (2)
Communion Stewardess:                     Carol (1)
Church School Coordinator:                Edie (3)
Child Advocate:                                      Kristi (3)
Camping:                                                Carol (2)
Auditing Team:            To be determined annually by Church Council
Historian:                                                 Jeannine (1)
Memorial Committee:                          Marilyn (2) / Linda (3)
Prayer Coordinator:                              ___________________________________
Offering Counter:                                  ___________________________________