Sunday Mornings

                                     SERIES: ‘My Final Messages to You’, Part 3 of 3. 
                                     Holy Communion (rescheduled – Revs. Caleb and Brennan will serve)
                                     Fathers will be recognized today in lieu of next week’s community service.

                                      Pastor Brennan will represent SUMC.  Joy Assembly to lead service.

Sunday, June 27th – 

Dates & Meetings

(all meetings are open)

Ministry Team – 6:30 pm – Wednesday, June 9th
Church Council
– 7:30 pm – Wednesday, June 9th
United Methodist Women – 7:00 pm – Thursday, June 10th
Building Committee – Tuesday, June 22nd @ 7:00 pm


PASTOR CALEB REAPPOINTED TO WISCONSIN.  On Sunday, March 28th, Pastor Caleb announced during the church service that the Wisconsin Annual Conference reached out to him on behalf of a group of close friends of his.  He pursued this opportunity in late fall of 2020.  After a formal letter of request was sent to our Bishop, Frank J. Beard, Beard approved Pastor Caleb to “explore appointments beyond the bounds of the Conference.”  Pastor Caleb was interviewed in late January by representatives of the WI Board of Ordained Ministry and their Episcopal Cabinet.  Two weeks later, they announced that Bishop Hee-Soo Jung (WI Bishop) and the WI Cabinet of District Superintendents had discerned an appointment for him.  On Thursday, February 18th, Pastor Caleb was introduced to the members of the Port Edwards United Methodist Church Staff-Parish Relations Committee in Port Edwards, WI.  This SPRC unanimously approved the bishop’s discernment that night.  Pastor Caleb cannot emphasize enough how bittersweet this move is to him.  He is excited to be moving closer to some of his closest colleagues and friends but is also grieving the separation of the relationships he has developed at Edinburg and Stonington–not to mention his own family in Mount Carmel, IL.  But–he knows well that this is the life and choice of every Methodist ministry.  It is a burden to bear for the Lord’s sake.  Neither the Bishop nor the DS wanted to see him leave, but he has made this choice for the benefit of his own future ministry in a context he believes will enable flourishment on a personal level.  He hopes Edinburg and Stonington will come to understand the depth of this important life decision he has made. 

PASTOR BRENNAN TO SERVE SUMC JULY 1ST.  It was announced on Sunday, March 21st that Rev. Brennan Hurley will be SUMC’s new pastor effective July 1st.  His wife is Jenna and their daughter-to-be is Caroline (due early-to-mid July).  Their four-legged family member is a dog named Max.  Brennan is currently finishing up his Masters of Divinity degree at Duke University’s Theological School (a great United Methodist seminary)!  He is currently serving two rural churches in North Carolina.  He will be returning to Illinois in early June and moving in to the Stonington parsonage around the second full-week of June.  Brennan is from Carlinville and Jenna is from Virden.  Brennan will also be serving at Taylorville First United Methodist Church as their part-time associate pastor even as he is our part-time “senior” pastor.  He writes: “It is a new season at Stonington UMC–a new building, a new pastor, and I hope, a renewed sense of mission and passion for the good news of Jesus Christ.  My family comes to you from North Carolina with hopes, dreams, and a calling to serve God and neighbor alongside you. . . . These are certainly strange times.  However, it is precisely these times in which the circumstances of life knock us off our horses (see Acts 9) that Jesus appears to us and beckons us to chart a new course in faith.  Our world needs good news.  The gospel of Jesus Christ offers that good news, and we get to be a part of it together.  We’ll see you in June! -Brennan Hurley

Weekly - Monthly Prayers

Weekly Prayer Requests:

The following are the prayer requests brought forward during the worship service (first names only).
     From 2/7/21: Linda D. (recovering from knee replacement surgery); Vicky Johnson (from Shadow Home;
                               lost 4 family members in 4 weeks to COVID-19).
     From 2/14/21: Marilyn R.; Linda D.
     From 2/21/21: Ella (hit head hard); Linda D. (in Meadow Manor with blood clot); Audrey D.’s sister’s family; Leslie D.;
                                 Alex C. Family; Brittany C.; Bill T. + family AND Ella L. + family (both received cancer diagnoses recently);
                                 Emma B. Family; 
      From 2/28/21:
      From 3/7/21: Meredith B. (gallbladder surgery); Alan R.
                                (From 3/10 Council Mtg.: Linda D., Alan, Meredith, John C., Dan C., Randy M., Madelyn L., Bob S., Marilyn R.)
      From 3/14/21: Clare C.
      From 3/21/21: Glenna L., Linda D., Cunningham Children’s Home, Bobbie H. and family (COVID difficulties);
                                  Dan C. (broken ribs and punctured lung); Rian E. (broken ankle)
      From 3/28/21: Shawna (Shadow Home – in hospital); Cynthia M.; Laurie’s niece, Alexa; Glenna L.; Ava M.
      From 4/4/21: No prayer concerns shared.
      From 4/11/21: Don M.; Glenna L.; Linda D.; Cynthia M.; Mac M.; for the ladies at Shadow Home;
                                  family members going to court this week; the deadly car wreck on 48 near Willy’s killing 2 teenagers
      From 4/18/21: Mac M.; Baby Marleigh (very critical – premie)
      From 4/25/21: Mallory started a new job at Taylorville Hospital; baby Marleigh (very critical – premie);
                                 Rita – visited Creation Museum and Ark Encounter; prayers for all with COVID-19, especially for India;
                                 Glenna L.; Linda D. (blood clots); the Betty Chapman family (cancer is back).
      From 5/2/21: Mac Mc.; Cynthia Mc.; Rebecca S.; Glenna L.; Linda D.; Andra E.;
      From 5/9/21: Tammy St. (medical issues); Kerns and Oglesby Families (have lost loved ones); Baby Marleigh (1 month old
                             and doing well, she has gained 10 oz and able to take feeding); Newborn Baby Kash (head swelling); Mac Mc.
      From 5/16/21: Tammy St. (medical issues); the Paul R. family; Sarah L. (cancer); our bishop; Faye L.;
                                  opening hearts for new church change.  JOY: Leslie DeVore’s graduation–receiving her doctorate
      From 5/23/21: Mac M.; 
      From 5/30/21: Mac M.; our bishop
      From 6/6/21: The Glenna Lawson family

Households, Churches, and World Regions of the Month:

In preparation for each month, 4-5 households from our church family are drawn from a jar filled with slips of paper.
The congregation is invited to include these households in their daily prayers for the month (or one household per week).

     Households for June:
           1. Sue & Paul Althoff Household
           2. Megan & Chase Cocagne Household
           3. Faye & Ray Likes Household
           4. Sydney Ostrowsky

Every month we pray for a collection of churches in our area (equivalent of 1 per week).
      Churches for June:
          1. Mt. Zion and Bethany United Methodist Churches – Rev. Rob Roy
          2. Grace Memorial, Edinburg – Rev. Wes Bartek
          3. Decatur-Area UMCsSharon UMC – Rev. Wally Carlson; Christ-Lathan UMC – Rev. Braden Parks
                                                       Wesley UMC – Rev. Buzz Swett; First UMC – Rev. Camilla Hempstead
                                                       Grace UMC – Rev. Sig Bjorklund & Beth McLauglin; Graver Brick UMC – Rev. Donald Long, Sr.
       4. First Baptist, Stonington – Rev. Scott Parks

Every month we pray for a region of the world.
     Region for June:
          South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay,
                                         Venezuela, and dependent territories)

Every month is full of “special observances”; the ones listed below may help you stretch your prayer life.
     June Special Observances:
2nd – Nat’l Gun Safety and Violence Awareness
4th – Int’l Day for Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5th – World Environment Day
6th – D-Day Remembrance / Children’s Awareness Memorial Day / Nat’l Animal Rights Day
8th – Best Friends Day / World Pet Memorial Day
10th – Race Unity Day
12th – World Day Against Child Labor
13th – Abused Women & Children’s Awareness
14th – Flag Day / World Blood Donor Day
15th – Nat’l Nature Photo Day / Nat’l Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers
16th – World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought
19th – Juneteenth / Int’l Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
20th – World Refugee Day / Family Awareness Day / Father’s Day / Longest Day
23rd – Int’l Widows Day / Public Service Day
26th – Int’l Day in Support of Victims of Torture / Forgiveness Day
27th – PTSD Awareness
30th – Disabled Veterans Day

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