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1. Tim B., chair                                          2. Danny L., vice chair, leader of ‘Financial Considerations’
3. Marilyn D.                                              4. Cynthia M., leader of ‘Membership Surveying’
5. Leslie D.                                                  6. Laurie L.
7. Rita A., leader of ‘Field Research’      8. Edie W.
9. Jeannine C., secretary                        10. Pastor, ex officio

Front view of church   

Close up of front doors with dated stones


Sanctuary ceiling going up







                           * * * * * * * * * *

The Building Committee met on April 20, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  Those present were:  Chairman Tim B., Kristi L., Rita A., Steve Y., Laurie L., Leslie D., Ray L., Pastor Brennan, and Jeannine C.  Pastor Brennan opened with prayer.  

Purchase of pews for the new church were discussed.  A representative from Davis Furniture Company in Melrose, Wisconsin had brought a sample pew which had been viewed by some of the members earlier in the month.  The representative had been able to answer questions and make suggestions at that meeting.  They can match the stain color being used in the sanctuary.  It had been recommended to purchase shorter pews along with the longer pews to make it possible for wheelchairs to be placed alongside others sitting in pews.  Also, pew back chairs were suggested.  These can be placed as front rows in the sanctuary.  If more room is needed the chairs can be moved to another area.  They can also be stacked if desired.  

Money by congregants has been offered to purchase the pews.  The purchase price includes delivery and installation of the pews and chairs.  It was agreed to order enough pews and pew back chairs to seat a total of 136 people.  This will not fill the sanctuary but will be a good start.  More can be ordered in the future.  

The order agreed upon will be:  12 pews which will be 12′ long; 4 pews which will be 9′ long; 28 pew back chairs. 

There will be fabric seats attached.  Book racks will be on the back of the pews.  The pew back chairs will have a space under the seat to hold hymnals.  Tim will place the order.   The end design and seat color will be decided soon.   It is to take 3-4 months for the new pews to arrive.

Chancel Committee – Tim reported that the committee was thinking of an altar being built into the back wall with a live edge.  He had a picture of a piece of beautiful wood which could be used.  The current altar would be placed towards the front of the chancel area.  

Other Business – Tim said they have talked to the village about raising the street in front of the church.  Representatives of our church will talk to the village again in an effort to get better drainage from the church property.  

* * * * * * * * * * * 

The Building Committee met on March 1, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  Those present were:  Chairman Tim B., Steve Y., Laurie L., Edie W., Ray L., Danny L. , Leslie D., Rita A., Dee Dee M., Pastor B., and Jeannine C.  An opening prayer was given by Edie.  The minutes from the last meeting were approved as read.

Tim went over updates to the construction of the new church.  Among those were:  HVAC ducting is mostly completed inside; the gas meter was to be set today; the electric meter is set so the building has its own electricity, and we won’t need to pull from the parsonage any longer; insulation and dry wall will begin soon; flooring has been selected, waiting for the final cost; lighting plan is in place; stone sign with “U M Church 2022” on it is in; stone work is expected to restart this week. 

Tim presented the lighting quote.

Consolidated Communications had provided a quote for combined telephone and internet service at the church.  It was cheaper to go with the three year plan.  There will be a phone in the office and the kitchen.

Tim presented the sound and video plan.  There will be a camera at the back of the church.  It can zoom in or out and also swivel left or right.  An ipad or phone can control it.  There will be two large speakers at the front of the sanctuary.  Wi-fi will be available throughout the church.  The plan includes security cameras.  The audio visual plan was agreed upon. 

Tim stated that we are within the budget for the new church right now. 

Having wainscot around the Chancel was discussed.  There was a sample picture to view.  The swinging doors from the old church didn’t hold up to being prepped for installing in the new church.  There will be new doors used at the entry to the sanctuary from the vestibule. 

There has been a generous donation given which is to go towards kitchen appliances.  All the new appliances have been selected and will be covered by the donation, money in the UMW’s treasury, and some memorial money. 

Benjamin C. is working on the bell tower design. 

During the meeting, cost spreadsheets were noted. 

Edie made a motion that we go forward with all of the items Tim presented and we had discussed.  Rita seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 

The next meeting will be set when there is business to come before the committee. 

Laurie made a motion to adjourn at 7:56 p.m.                                              






















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